View Full Version : Issues during "Peppy's Payback" mission on Nitendo Switch

04-30-2019, 09:51 PM
Hey there;

I just purchased the "a star fox reunion" DLC on Switch, and during the very first mission, you need to disable power beams in order to destroy a core. They tell you to use peppy's ability to block the beams, which does work, though the game never tells you what to do afterwards, I thought maybe I had to shoot the canons, or deflect the beam, but the beams don't deflect at all, and the core is still inaccessible. Is it a bug, or am I just not doing something properly?

04-30-2019, 10:28 PM
Hi DrJambon! Are you able to provide any screenshots or videos from this issue? Have you tried closing and reopening the game?

05-01-2019, 10:30 AM
Iím having the same problem

05-03-2019, 08:08 AM
It's not immediately obvious unless you get close to the Space Debris. Here's the solution:

1. Go up close to the Space Debris.
2. When you are point blank range, you can grab the Space Debris (Y).
3. Drop it off in front of the laser beams.
4. For the last (3rd) laser, use the reflect shield.

Hope this helps other people who couldn't figure this out!

10-11-2019, 04:07 PM
Hey DrJambon, just a quick heads-up for you as the thread creator - I've moved it over into our dedicated Nintendo Switch Player Support subforum, as you mentioned that you were playing on the Switch.

To you, and also Dessel2008, were you able to use the workaround / solution kindly provided by Alestrya to complete this mission? Thank you for sharing your solution for other players to read and learn from, by the way, Alestrya!