View Full Version : Bugs I have encountered so far

04-30-2019, 06:47 AM
Recalibration Visual Bug: Recal station sometimes glitches and shows recals that should not be possible. Tried to recalibrate a double red CC/DtE mask, selected DtE for recal and the options shown were rightfully DtE options, but the results panel glitched and showed that the CC would be replaced by DtE instead, falsely indicating that I would be able to get 2 DtE red rolls on 1 mask. I have encountered a few variants of this, on a chestpiece and a backpack as well. I have never actually successfully recalibrated the stats as such, nothing happens when I hit the recal button, so its definitely a visual glitch.
Looping reward notification after completing an invaded mission for the first time: Upon completing lincoln memorial on invaded for the first time, I was presented with the new summary screen, before opening it, I recieved the mission complete notification and reward. Upon viewing the summary screen and exiting it, I got the completion message again. Upon fast traveling to the BoO, I got the completion notification yet again. This happened a couple more times, each after fast traveling/ loading to a new location, then it stopped. I did not receive multiple reward, just a looping notification issue.
Heroic NPC info showing as ??? on the killed by screen.
Minor glitches in the inventory

Sticky selections. Very often, double clicking another item does not equip it. I have to repeat the process a couple of times for the item to equip. Out of combat, in the BoO usually.
Mark as junk cycling is wierd. On the live game, marking multiple items as junk automatically cycles from left to right, top to bottom as u hit the button to mark items. On the PTS it proceeds down the same column, say the left side, and stops when u hit the bottom, not progressing to the right automatically. Small issue but its an inconvenience nonetheless.

Revive Hive(more of a confirmation request). The revive hive is extremely slow now, often leaving you downed for a good 3-4s before starting the revive, and taking about 2 seconds per charge to revive you, making the entire revive process take about 10-12 seconds. Is this intended to combat lag related revive failures or is it a bug?
Cluster seeker bug(both on Live and PTS): Among the many known seeker bugs, this one annoys me the most. Seekers would launch toward targets as normal, seekers without targets self destruct as intended, after all targets have been hit, 1 seeker sometimes remains and follows me around. It cannot be used or assigned to a target and requires manual deactivation

Regrettably I do not have any videos or screens of these bugs, sometimes the novelty and confusion of encountering a bug makes me forget to capture it, often only realizing it after the bug resolves itself. I will try to get video of some of these bugs as we go, or at least screenshots, and I will update it here when applicable.