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04-28-2019, 09:45 PM
As a long time fan, I am very happy the series has come back to it roots after a dubious trip in space. Taking back some weird alien disease as the two world system I am still relieved. And thinking

So why not passenger trains? Because it is ugly on such a map. Agreed, next. Or not? Maybe just a line moving visitors about to the zoo. And what not. What not? What not.

Visitors need to go to city centers. Most anno fans hate buildings without a function but what about a hotel. An embassy. A dlc should/could contain something to create that beautiful real life city feel. All kinds of public infrastructure. Just visitors, which could be seen as a hollow idea, is fine here. Have a cause for trains. Creates people walking, bustling. Moving about in parks. The zoo.

Toppling the queen and gaining a Republic. Boosting economy with a focus on corporate life and work. Creating a need for very cute electric automobiles, because they actually came way before the petrol engine was invented. A Ford model t can be given in a insanely expensive dlc premium, which rich people like and no sane people actually need. Because the electric automobile triggers infrastructure overhaul, should contain some cool road tiles. I can imagine a doctor having such a car. Should come as a feature for like a supertycoon race. Only for the very very rich so it is expensive and does not actually spawns a lot of cars. It is still 18something.

The game is great in itself. Doesn't need this addon. Cars and trains take away the charme. True. But it could have some charme when done correctly. The focus should be on the shops and the public building. The city centre. And a train and some cars definitely spice things up. Use the money for an anno 1900?.. and don't make me wait another 10 years this time! Thanks

Dreaming about it. That's a good thing

04-29-2019, 08:36 PM
An hotel is definitely a good idea. High quality restaurant also. (not pub). a first shopping mall (or big nice noble-shop / "Grand Magasin" - like Printemps, Galerie Lafayette, Harrods, Grand Bazar - https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Printemps_Haussmann#/media/File:Printemps1900.jpg)