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04-27-2019, 10:47 PM
Things I love: 1) Graphics. 2) All the side quests/missions. 3) Game mechanics for the most part. 4) Character weapons, outfits and color customization. 5) Exploration and random fighting encounters. 6) All the DLC's and extra content. 7) All the underground locations. 8) Nothing found that is broken, no glitches, no freezes, no falling through the map, no frame rate drops and no crashes, so far anyway, but then I have a powerful gaming PC too. 9) The keyboard layout (although we can always bind them to our liking). Only Crouch, which is usually the C key in most games, gets a bit to getting used too, but I left everything at the default settings).

Things I don't love nor hate either: The main story. 2) Climbing up to get a view of all the markers in those 20 provinces on the map (21, but the first one is already exposed). 3) Stores and lack of merchandise. I've been spoiled with The Elder Scrolls, Two Worlds and other games. 4) The lack of perks, abilities, etc. Same reason as just described in lack of merchandise (3). 5) Overall combat. 6) Co-op. The story Co-op cut scenes are very good though.

Things I hate and despise: All the rift (Helix missions), and that goes for all the rift missions in every AC games. But at least they're "optional", except for the first one, which I got through on my first run. They are massive immersion distractions for me and my style of play. 2) Anything and everything that has timed missions. 3) Anything and everything that has QTE (Quick time events). 4) Multiplayer. 5) Unlocking things way too late in the game (like after mission 9, when there are only 12 main story missions). Even though I'm a completionist (except for the rift missions), it still bugs me. I also play the opposite of how most other people play, in the sense, that I like to save the main story for last, while only completing the first couple of the main story missions, then going and completing everything else on the map, before finishing the main story. 6) Any and all games that require extreme button meshing, but I put up with it, because of all the other things that I love and enjoy in the game. 7) No Manual Save option. 8) Achievements, unlocks, trophies, Club challenges, Easter eggs, etc., do nothing for my enjoyment in a game. As always and with any game, there will always be things that we each individually love or hate in a game. It is what it is, and no game company can please everyone. Lastly, I originally gave this game a 6/10 rating, mainly because of the rift challenges, but after playing the game, I actually like it even better than AC Black Flag, except for the time period setting, because I'm a Knight, Pirate and Ninja Assassin at heart and love those time periods the most. Final updated rating 8.5/10

04-28-2019, 03:50 AM
this game had huge potential, the quests and lack of immersion ruin it. black flag was way better imo, the world wasnt anywhere near as detailed but it was fun to play. this game is literally a virtual tour of france. i hope odysessy and the upcoming games fix this, will play them once ryzen 3000 and rtx 3080 ti come out gonna build a new pc for modern game maxed @ 4k.

04-28-2019, 10:02 AM
this game had huge potential, the quests and lack of immersion ruin it. black flag was way better imo, the world wasnt anywhere near as detailed but it was fun to play. this game is literally a virtual tour of france. i hope odysessy and the upcoming games fix this, will play them once ryzen 3000 and rtx 3080 ti come out gonna build a new pc for modern game maxed @ 4k.

It could have been the best in the Franchise. But the horrible launch and a lot of other bad decisions in terms of gameplay ruined it.

For me the biggest disappointment was that the use the France Revolution only as a Scenery and for Coop Missions instead that the focus the main story on it like the show us in the trailers or gameplay material.

04-28-2019, 02:13 PM
I had played Unity back when it was first released, but I've been playing it again from scratch for the last week as well. Today I completed it. For the most part, I realized I remember very little from the main story and missions from my first playthrough so it was almost like a totally new game to me.
I remember how much hate this game received back in the time and I think it was only because of certain bugs, companion app problems and confusion etc. I noticed how aweseom this game is. After playing Origins and Odyssey, it felt more "assassin's creed".

-I love the character Arno,
-Character customisation is so nice. The clothing, color choices I like those too.
-Arno can not whistle. I didn't like that.
-I love the 3d atmosphere of the game. The world is modeled incerdibly nice. Especially the french interiors are made so well, very lovely.
-Underground map is fun to explore I like that so much too.Especially Dead Kings dlc has great underground environment.
-Coop missions are nice other than the fact that everybody is "Arno" which feels a bit weird and some missions glitch crazily that it took me restart a few times to be able to complete. Coop should definitely make it's way back to AC at some point. Has a lot of potential, could be so much fun.
-I like helix rift missions in this game. They are challenging and fun. Just a different thing to do in game. The problem is Arno's moving mechanics caused some trouble during those missions. He's not fast and smooth enough. Bayek or Cassandra would perform a lot better in those same missions. Still I managed to complete all of them including bonus challenges.
-Speaking of helix rifts, one thing I hate about them is the artifact collecting. I don't even know why they included that in rift missions where map is unavailable and time is limited. How am I supposed to look for and find them. This gets in the way between me and 100% completion. I hate it.

Overall I like Unity so much. I think it's a very underappreciated AC game and doesn't deserve all the hate at all.

05-07-2019, 08:31 AM
It feels like unity was created with the intention of having Arno become the next Ezio. And frankly. Given another year of development. I genuinely think it would have succeeded. The games actually pretty fun despite my misgiving about the story. Specifically with Arno himself as you can read below

The main problem this game seems to have is simply lack of focus. Every assassins creed game had a central focus. Usually revolving around your protagonists personality or personal story. You did this early in your life and so to no suprise the character did it more when given the opportunity later

Arno doesnt really have that. Murder investigations just kinda appear in the main story with no real introduction and you've definitely done some side ones by that point. Plus arno really doesnt act like the kind of person to stop and ponder something. Infact one of his character flaws seems to be the fact he often wont do exactly that. And instead rush off and act on information the instant he learns it. So weird he randomly acts that way

And honestly. I cant think of anything else unique to arno besides the phantom blade which is neat but thats not a character thing that's just what this branch of the brotherhood developed.

Mission structure reeks of being rushed. No real time spent understanding what our targets specifically did. At least nothing I can remember. multiple memory sequences having extremely few missions. Unique kills was clearly intended to become much more prominent of a thing but I had a hard time getting any and not even sure most targets even have one. Arnos personality flips back and forth pretty much only based on what reaction causes the most conflict. There are clearly missions missing that were crucial to fleshing arno out

In conclusion. I hope later on down the line. Ubisoft decide to either run arno back and make a new assassin the "actual" assassin who went through the French revolution. Or outright recon his story and try again at it. Same basic premise. But a remake instead of a remaster

05-08-2019, 11:18 PM
I love that Ubisoft is giving it's teams more time to develop new AC games. The results speak for themselves. Unity was just the nail in the coffin on that. It's truly beautiful, outrageously so. The parkour looks fab, but I think it's not as smooth to play as Origins (Odyssey for some reason has Kassandra fail more often hitting invisible walls when climbing or tripping up and fail to be controlled i.e. she doesn't let go properly when you want her to), the fighting is no-where near as good as Origins or Odyssey, but the stealth is better. But the game was beset by problems, both technical ones and gameplay ones, things felt rushed, there was too much "filler" not enough *ahem* "killer". It's still a pinnacle of the old AC though, but Origins onwards is a whole other game, it's astonishing.

05-08-2019, 11:30 PM
What pesto. said about too much "filler" does remind me about the one impression that Unity left with me since playing it for the first time, to this day; opening up the Paris map for the first time and feeling this complete and overwhelming sense of overstimulation because of the massive amount of icons on said map. It's a feeling of dread I never managed to shake (as in it happened every time thereafter I replayed the game, PC and PS4).

The depiction of the city itself, the chaos of the revolution is what the game is best at, as in the atmosphere that permeates everything Arno does, everything that gives his actions context beyond "revenge".

As for using the revolution only as a backdrop I do not see that as detrimental, because the character being too immersed and a central part of proceedings has always been AC3's biggest flaw and weakness in my eyes. (Arno is still important, but only in the shadows where the Assassins should dwell, they should not command revolutionary forces, or have Paul Revere on horseback, being integral to such a degree that probably only the dogmatic racism of the time kept Connor out of the fictional history books).

just my half-a-cent on the topic (in the hopes that my forum presence is indeed fully repaired)


I wish you all an amazing week.

05-16-2019, 01:11 PM
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I agree that the number of side quests can be overwhelming, but at least I also find those in Unity some of the best in the series. To me, it was a big improvement for anything post AC:B in that respect. Having access to so much of the interiors also makes the city more of a city and less of just a backdrop. Also, the main missions are quite interesting and fun to play, in quite a few of the later titles, those too can be a bit underwhelming. There's a lot to like about Unity. As far as things to dislike go, the actual story is slightly disappointing. They put in some major twists that seem a little far fetched and, perhaps more importantly, Arno essentially usurped the brotherhood in order to pursue his personal goals.

As for the game getting as much flak as it did at the beginning, they massively upped the requirements and only made that public after having gathered preorders for a few months; then they released the game in a state that made it actually unplayable (and it took them I think two patches to get it to a workable state). Then they also launched it together with a companion app which was crap and wasn't syncing properly, yet locked out some minor bits of content, as well as a companion web site that was supposed to offer challenges, rewards etc which also didn't work and I think that multiplayer and co-op were also affected by some of the issues, but I don't recall clearly anymore. Also, they advertised in game purchases (alongside paid DLCs) a bit more heavily than before and that, together with the truly sorry state in which the game was released, really angered the people, because it seamed to many that AC games were turning into a blatant cash grab. To make that impression even stronger, Rogue was released the same month at the same AAA price.

So, on one hand, the backlash was arguably fairly well deserved, but it ended up marring the reputation of, otherwise, one of the better games of the series that a lot of effort had gone into and where a lot had been done right, which was a pity.

And that bad impression went on to even affect Syndicate sales a year later (despite it, AFAIK, being a perfectly decent game) to the point that it was decided that the series should skip a year.

Sorry about the double post, but I wanted to mention that co-op was something that the creators have always wanted to do (supposedly as early as the original AC), but find really hard to implement properly. On paper, it worked fine in Unity, but I ended up soloing them because well, people rarely cooperate. Otherwise, diversions, luring into ambushes, having one player keep watch while the other is lock-picking or something... the possibilities that Unity offers are technically great, but I seldom saw them turn into reality.

05-19-2019, 11:06 PM
Final rating after completing everything, except for the rift missions, which I don't care one bit about: 7.7/10 Far too much button meshing in a game that I prefer being a stealthy assassin, but as usual, Ubisoft failed the stealth crowd.