View Full Version : [feedback] that bloomin turnip was the size of er head !!

04-27-2019, 03:28 PM
Serriiousssllyyy !!! UGHHH!!!
i`m getting SICK and TIRED of the townsfolk chatter! And I can`t turn it off anywhere! (NO, Voice option only works for NPC. )

"So nice to see you UNCLE!" (when hovering over de harbour)

"Time to tying the knot? NEVER!" (On the townsquare)

"That bloomin Turnip was the size of er head" I HEAR ONE FRIGGING EVERYWHERE! ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY!

i`m sure there are others but I think I made my point.

Does anyone else experience this ??? and my god, how do you ignore it! tell me!! haha.....*facepalms*