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In the 19th century, the first tram networks were starting to appear in cities. I think it would fit perfectly into a Anno 1800 Transport DLC. Adding a tram can work as an expensive road type with maintanance costs, that extends the range of all 'people buildings' such as churches, schools and marketplaces. This allows for:
- beautification options, such as different road layouts and tram types.
- more possibilities in building layouts and city planning.
- a decision by the player: build an additional school or build a tram network? What would be more economical.
- make my city even more 'alive'

Possible tram types:
- Horse trams (1832)
- Steam trams (1870)
- Electric trams (1880)

This would make a nice 15-20 DLC for me.

Depending on the player demand, an additional thought is to add a 'worker range' to houses, so that one should decentralize the building of farms early in the game, and only later allow a centralized city as with use of trams / carriages transport the 'worker range' can be extended far enough to allow centralization. I can imagine however that this second idea is too much of a pain to program and balance, as this also influences the AI.

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Agree and I have feeling I have seen electric tram on one of the pictures in artbook! Maybe it is on the list