View Full Version : Suggestion Whole Assassin's Creed franchise must be seized from Ubisoft and restarted

04-27-2019, 06:02 AM
Sorry for the spoilers but the reason is located in them.

The whole Assassin's Creed story at the time of making this post is one giant trainwreck. Let's go back to Desmond's death. We got no choice in this, and WHY, I still don't understand. If he lived, maybe we could enjoy modern Assassin's Creed with fewer Animus sessions and more Templar hunting.

But let's pretend we don't care about that and move on to Juno. Oh Juno.. The whole story about standoff between her and Assassins, the MAIN story... Ubisoft made a decision to finish it on the sly, without telling everyone. Juno was killed in one of the comics. Yeah, in a GOD DAMN COMICS. And they told no one about that. I imagined final battle against her as something epic, as a thing of grandeur, a final revelation in game. But no, it was just that, a page in a comic book.

Not to mention other different things I disliked in recent games, we now can't fight with our hidden blades... Oh, we don't even get them in the Odyssey. And no more memory corridors after assassinations, no Eagle Vision, no brotherhood...

Assassin's Creed is the shadow of it's former self. And the main reason is the action of Ubisoft management which I no longer consider as eligible as 5 years ago. Something must be done to reignite the franchise, but the first thing is known to me: seize it from Ubisoft. Get a fundraiser and buy it whole and create a separate studio that will really care about it. If things will go on as they are, Assassin's Creed will die after 2-3 years.

Maybe I'm a drama queen, but I think that I'm right. There isn't much time left. Decision is on you: to revive or to let die. Let's hope you'll make the right one.

04-28-2019, 10:34 AM
I Terms of Story you speaking out of my Soul! Since Black Flag the Present Day Story who connect all titles is a giant mess and led to nowhere. I am a huge fan of that part read every entry in the Animus Database, every Messages that Juno give us and watch cutscenes of the Modern day multiple times in the recent installments and was very hyped how the build up the Juno Storyline.

And then everything was finished in a Comic. The build her return up in 5 Games and kill her off in few seconds in a Comic who a lot of fans even know about it. The Biggest Hit in the face this franchise give me and it still hurts.

I know the do this to softly reboot the franchise for newer players to jump in but it really shows that the story writing in the series has big problems. Im Happy that we even have now a new MD Protagonist but Layla is very bad written.

I agree with you I think Odyssey could be much better with hidden blade and the brotherhood maybe an other time period in Greece. I like the spear of Leonidas but that Seems to overpowerd.
The biggest mistake of Odyssey is that the remove the memory corridors. They where so good in the previous games and a trademarke of the franchise. To remove them kills a lot atmosphere.
It give so much to say about Odyssey but that is already disscused in other threads ;)

I think a good steep for the franchise would be when only one Studio making the games. They could better decide wich path the gameplay and the story takes. Look at Rockstar Studios, Sony Santa Monica or From Software the really did a great job with their games and don't move it to a lot of different teams.