View Full Version : balancing issues (ships / warfare)

04-26-2019, 02:03 PM

while playing, I saw several issues with ships for wich I'll blame balancing problems :)

seriously, any schooner has no chance against a single gunboat. When I send frigates as escorts, the clippers and schooners are often faster and the escort way back. in the meantime, enemy ships are sinking that trader.
Same with escort quests. Enemy ships come out of the blue, they just appear at some point, start firing in the escort target and even with 3-4 frigates, I often can't stop them to sink the schooner (escort target) when there's a second wave.
This seems very unbalanced.
Also, I'm not getting tired to say that warfare is really (sadly) uneventful, as sson as there are ship-of-the-line units. They tear through AI defenses, I lose 1-2 ships and win an island in less than 5 minutes. BORING! (and, again, unbalanced). Since the beta, I'm sadly getting the impresion that the military part of the game didn't get the attantion it would have deserved.