View Full Version : nobushi and orochi need more attention (rework maybe)

04-26-2019, 12:21 PM
after 50 rep nobushi I want say all nobushi moveset is Predictable and all player know how to counter this player , she is to weak in 1v1 and if enemy want to Turtleing , nobushi will be Useless , hide stance cant be strong and op vs assassin and undoggeble attacks and they will hit you , stance need buff for undoggeble attacks , nobushi kick is very Predictable and most player dogging it , vs the heroes like cent boy and orochi , nobushi have no chance to victory cuz faint guard break and stance will not work against centi boy , orochi light and undoggeble side attacks are stonger than nobushi stance .

and long range attack will not make her strong cuz all players know attacks whom have long range are light and they all parrying it . and heavy faint guard break will not work for long range , and when enemy want to parry light we cant use faint guard break cuz there heave will hit you ,

my option is

- make more op stance

-faintbale kick just like highlander or like warden

-nobushi bleed attacks are take limited bleed for example 26 bleed , make it unlimite like peacekeere bleed attacks you will bleed how musch u resive bleed attacks

-fast light will make her light spamm , but better moveset will make better charecter

-she need some moveset agenst player who turtiling for example if lawbringer want just use shove defence and light , you will die slowly . she need some thing to be harm agenst turtule players

i post top Written last Month but now

-u can see law dady and radier have faster light than nobushi who have most move set by light attacks ,

-but i still offer new moveset its will be better than faster light

-faintable kick is good idea

-hide stance may dogge undoggeble attacks

-swife recoil have bug or its to weak to many attack will track you lights or heave or pum strikes , in 1v2 if you press dogge after block other enemy attacks will track and hit you , its really need review

-swife retreat is to weak and useless to many enemy can handle it and parry that light attack , is need rework and review

and now orochi

fast light , very spamm , and hated by community

he something like 0 and 100 if someone can handle his attack , he is dead
if cant handle his attack , will spammed to die

we all hate spamm but its not orochi fault , he don't have real moveset

I think best way nerf his speed light but add general tozen moveset for him ,

slower light , lower heave damge but

full guard , pumstrike , full guard to unblockble and kick that throw enemy in to the grand for stamina recovery , that kick can be in chain or parry punishment or full guard punishment , that moveset are better than light spam

general tozen moveset (and armor :D) can make Admirable hero

he is something more than spammer

he is campion , and he must have campions moveset

tnx for read this:D