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04-26-2019, 02:38 AM
Hi all. I just want to say that I really enjoyed this game BUT I feel that it missed some opportunities to be one of the best games on the Switch. I will go over what I think the game needs to be really good.

Possible Improvements
1. Quite a few glitches
I had a glitch where my character couldnt move after entering a new chapter. Then I had another glitch whenever I jump on a teammate with Yoshi my game goes into slow-motion until I land and it takes forever. The game needs to be more glitch free.

2. More playable characters
Everyone wants more characters. I think a good amount to have for the next sequel would be between 2-4 more playable characters plus 2-4 of their Rabbid forms (so a total of 4-8). I will put some ideas I have for new characters down below.

3. More complex Skill Trees
I am the type of gamer who loves to experiment and find new strategies and synergies between characters. So naturally, I want more weapon and skill set customisation.
I'm not asking for an entire rework of the skill trees. But some parts of the Skill Tree felt lacking. In particular, the second tree was not very interesting ta all. The secondary weapon always leads to the high ground bonus and extra gold. I think that in the secondary weapon tree you could add increased critical chance/damage or increased range for primary and secondary weapons.

4. Weapon and Skill Tree customisation in versus mode
I was very disappointed to find that I had to use preset skill sets and weapons in versus mode. I think that you can still have these but it is also vital to give players the option to build strategies around characters they like or find interesting and build counter strategies to overcome them. I know you have access to 3 skill sets per character and you can argue that this is done for the sake of game balance, but you have to see it from my perspective. Every game has a meta. A strongest character, a strongest team, and a strongest strategy for that team. You can never perfectly balance a game. So there is really no reason to make a versus mode with sets that can be customised. If you're worried about overpowered characters you can balance it better by giving players a limited number of power orbs (different limit to single player) and then balance health, weapons, damage and techniques around that.

5. Online play
Obvious reasons. it's a turn based game. I assume (maybe i'm wrong though) that it's easier to make an online versus mode with this kind of game.

Overall, the gameplay is great because the main battle mechanics are great. The puzzles in the different worlds are also quite decent and I had a good time with them. But, more characters, more interesting/complex/diverse skill trees and customisation in versus mode is all this game needs. Oh yeah and online play would be dank but I have people to play LAN with so it's not a big deal for me.

04-26-2019, 02:51 AM
Toad or Rabbid Toad
Toad could be a scout type. He can have high movement, low health and slightly low range (maybe 8 range). When he jumps on an ally perhaps he gains stealth for the turn. But he can be revealed if damaged or someone walks near him. He can have an average number of dashes and average dash damage. His primary weapon could deal more damage the closer he is to the enemy (if he has 8 range maybe 20% more at melee range and then 20% less at max range. One of his techniques could be a small heal to an ally that is not himself. Then his other technique could set up some sort of a fire/freeze/ink/stone trap. Probably motion sensor traps but i'm not sure how you can hide these from enemies in multiplayer mode.

He could have average movement, health and range. When he jumps on an ally perhaps he can still run around a bit? He can have one dash that does lots of damage but only once. His primary weapon could attack behind cover. Maybe it can also hit up to two enemies that are in range (kinda like how dash attacks hit two enemies). Then one technique could add vamp to his weapons..

11-11-2019, 04:07 PM
Villains: Fawful & Bwahful

Don't ask how Fawful is alive, this is Mario. Bwahful is a Rabbid he took on as his personal assistant. The rest doesn't matter I just want Fawful acknowledged in a Mario game outside the M&L series for once