View Full Version : UBI! What did you do to Lawbro?!

04-25-2019, 11:33 PM
Honestly all these changes ended up being was 2 steps forward 2 steps back completely pointless. Lawbringer is still too slow, his attacks will get interrupted even more now that you took away the only hyperarmor he had on 2 of his moves. His flip is still extremely slow and predictable to be of much use anyway, ESPECIALLY without hyperarmor.
You could of made his flip part of a mixup or something, but no it's still near useless. What's the point in making blocked moves chainable and slightly faster if all attempts at offense are all just gonna get parried, back/ side dodged or interrupted as usual unless you get a parry first? I'd rather shove on block were kept and you removed neutral shove so we don't have to wait for buffering when going for dodge guard breaks,**** removing it entirely would of been a buff just in that regard. This doesn't change a thing and the cherry on top his animations look awful. This is what we waited so long for? Disappointing asf please just keep lawbringer as he is so I don't have to relearn this pointless new iteration. I also don't understand how almost every character in this game has hyperarmor , but Lawbringer ffs.

(My first post ever on forums just cause of how much I care about my Lawbro /cry)

04-25-2019, 11:34 PM
I would have preffered a kick,like tiandi does.

Just knockback is all that's needed.

04-25-2019, 11:36 PM
They murdered him dude.

May 2nd is his funeral and everybody is invited.

04-25-2019, 11:49 PM
Longarm should've been soft-feintable.