View Full Version : PC Suggestion [AC1]Assassin's Creed Remake

04-25-2019, 02:34 PM
I think we should have these option about my OPINION for AC1 to be implemented...

[AC1] - My Opinion
- Do NOT take out the Blood Effect, instead... Add the blood effect option in the setting.
- Add Customization Options... Similar to Ezio's Customization. [Example: Add recolor effect (especially a dark color like Shay's outfit from Unity; Special Outfit like the leader of Assassin's at the start of AC1).
- Reduce the mission timestamp for gathering information, before killing the leader.
- Add some Fun Side Story Mission.
- Add Various Weapon.
- Add Graphical Special Effect
- Add difficulty (Easy, Hard, Very Hard, and Legend) so people can complete story mode with more confidence. (Due to the game glitches, while killing the enemies, they won't have to die easily, after the support team finishes working on the bug report and then moving on to another AC.)
- Keep the Animus effect (like where you select a story chapter, and start there after story completion.)