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04-25-2019, 10:39 AM
Yes the title is click bait. Yes I main BP these days. (for whatever good "main" means these days.) And yes i'm 100% serious.
After playing much more time with him i've decided that I want his forward bash to NOT get a recovery nerf. You read that right.

Let me explain. Black prior doesn't have particularly good offense. (barring light into bash but we'll get into that.)
He doesn't have any 400ms lights. His opener bash is hilariously easy to dodge. His zone has a huge GB vulnerability window and it being a bash makes it a poor man's option select for parrying not to mention the zone itself is decently slow. And his UB heavy has no soft feint and is also slow.

BP defensively is what fills the gap for his rather average offense. His dash bash is a viable threat BECAUSE it's extremely hard to punish for a majority of the roster. His predictability in his simple kit is saved by the fact that he can fast flow into full block and threaten with counter. In season 10 BP's defense is getting hit hard and getting a single buff. He will no longer have instant block on dodge. Making negating 400ms chip damage when being ganked is going to be a lot more dangerous. (esp since they nerfed his leaving bullwark time.) The one buff he gets all characters who have CC get. getting 100ms on switching guard be a standard means CC will be easier to use when you swap guard directions.

Anyway, if BP's dodge bash is nerfed BP basically won't be able to threaten from neutral. He'll have to be on the defense. Which is boring. But i'm not suggesting we leave BP alone. Here are the proposed changes i'd like to see done at some point:

~Dodge heavy damage increase from 20 to 25. Tracking and range increase.
~Chained bash recovery increased to 800ms. Chain time from light into bash increased by 100ms.
~Hawks charge bash recovery decreased and tracking increased.
~Bullwark slash damage increased from 30 to 35.


So dodge heavy changes, BP is like berzerker in that he has poor chase down and range. However, Black prior doesn't have the ability to cancel his recoveries into armored offense like zerk. Instead he has to cancel with FB. Which is very risky due to GB being the counter. Giving him slightly better chase down should offset this risk to a degree.

Chained bash nerf is the big one here. I did this for two primary reasons. The first one is how safe this bash is completely negates the reason to go for his chain mix up (light into undodgable/unblockable.) The second is because in chains is where BP is supposed to be the most vulnerable in my opinion. He gets big payouts for anything that actually lands in chains. All heavies he can go into mid chain have big risks due to not being insanely quick or have low recovery. The bash being safe breaks this pattern. And in my opinion it should be riskier considering the nature of bashes confirming damage.

Hawks Charge at the moment is pretty much religated to target swapping or chasing down someone who improperly rolled your mix up. However, it's a bit too risky to even use semi often because it has poor tracking and is easily side stepped due to it's speed. Buffing it's tracking and reducing it's recovery should encourage this to be used more frequently in more situations.

So i've been trying to figure out how to improve bullwark slash from the moment Black prior dropped. Outside the chained mix up you'd be hard pressed to find an actual use for this move besides UB flickering an opponent externally to bait a parry for your ally to GB or parry. This is because the attack is 800ms. Meaning it's VERY easy to see coming and gives it a decent GB vulnerability window. I decided buffing it's damage was the best and safest change. This puts it on par with side heavy openers damage wise. The attack itself is also a chain starter just like heavy openers. I get the idea is to always threaten with this move at the end of a combo (providing you have the stamina.) But the move itself is too easy to see to be a threat really outside two prior situations i've already mentioned. So buffing it's damage SHOULD mean that if you manage to land it it feels more rewarding for the risk you took.


Basically these changes interjected into his kit as a whole means BP now falls inline with what I believe his design intent was. BP either chips you away with safe ish damage from neutral and never attempts to combo often. Or he attempts to combo for a bigger damage pay out, but at a bigger risk to himself. In other words his offense will now properly be balanced with risk vs reward. Just as his defense will be post season 10 patch.

04-25-2019, 01:31 PM
He will be good even after bash recovery nerf, he have delayed 433ms bashes which is quite impossible to dodge by reaction without 144ms monitor or 190ms reaction time and lower, also he have he have unblockable to bait people. He need just recovery bash nerf without any changes just as first aid, because it breaks the principle of the game "fast, but punishable". He need some moves changes, but not now, there are more important things than messing with buttom S-Tier/top A-Tier hero, there are characters who really need attention for years.

~Dodge heavy damage increase from 20 to 25. Tracking and range increase.
Agree only with tracking and range, 25dmg for such move will be too much.

~Chained bash recovery increased to 800ms. Chain time from light into bash increased by 100ms.
Really good suggestion, I think such nerf will make place for small buffs, but how I said, not now.

~Hawks charge bash recovery decreased and tracking increased.
Good suggestion, now this move is quite useless in 1v1.

~Bullwark slash damage increased from 30 to 35.
I think unblockable is already good, at least like a bash bait tool, 30dmg for such speed, range and possibility to start it from neutral or after any attack is enough I think. I don't mind it, but it seems really strong, neutral 35dmg or after any chain, seems very strong, maybe too strong. How I said, he need nerf, then if he won't be still strong (he will) then he need few buffs.