View Full Version : Warlord buff/rework suggestion.

04-24-2019, 10:24 PM
Full Block Stance:
Undodgable heavy from work only after blocked attack, it isn't undodgable anymore, but unblockable and guaranteed after any blocked attack, 30dmg. Heavy button without blocked attack work as lights - heavy opener from the selected side.
Light after blocked attack doesn't exist anymore.
Deleted headbutt returns, work as before - gb button in Full Block Stance.

All heavy finishers are unblockable.

Top light opener is 500ms (instead of 600ms).
Top light finisher is 18dmg (instead of 20dmg).

Light after shield after parry is light finisher now (18 dmg)

New attack - Shield Uppercut (animation from campaign or like after gb after parry - 500ms, guaranteed light finisher if hit (18dmg) work after light/heavy opener, doesn't matter hit, whiffed or blocked. Recovery like after headbutt, punishable for gb if dodged by predict.

What is the result:
The stance will be good tool, the Shield Uppercut won't be OP, it won't be 40dmg side heavy for dodge attempt, only after light from only one side, after heavy block/hit enemy can just dodge, all sides unblockable heavy will whiff and uppercut will whiff of course, also it is punishable, fair enough I think.

Possible Shield Uppercut animation 9:22