View Full Version : great game mechanics, if only the UI wouldn't kill the fun

04-24-2019, 02:29 PM
Dear Anno team,

you did a great job. The game feels really good when it comes to managing your islands, population and advancing through the tiers.
Since the technical test, the UI feels clunky. I know that this feedback is not new to you, for it has been asked for a UI improvement in the forums since that time. Even the Anno 1404 UI (which I compare, since it was a game created from Ubisoft Mainz) feels better thatn that of Anno 1800.

Some thoughts on that:

I find myself hitting ESC when I'm in the trade screen and would like to close it, but that only opens the game menu. Maybe you could make ESC close all open menues and when none is open, open the game menu. That would feel more consotent and intuitive, compared to older Anno games.
It's sadly not possible to set a minimum value on wares for an island to keep in stock and not trade away by your own trade routes (for rum, that would be a nice thing not to run out of it,again and again).
Sometimes my balance drops from 3k to 200, or even in the red, from one second to another. No warning, nothing. Also, no explanation. A bit later, it goes up again. I didn't build expensive buildings in that time, and all needs were satisfied. A warning or better analysis tools would be great.
There is at least no sound feedback, when clicking on debris not in range of a ship. It happened to me that I clicked on my ship, then on the debris and nothing happened. I then had top click beside the debris, wait until the ship is in range, then click again. That's a bit much of micromanagement.
War: I had a game in the Beta and even in the live version where an AI opponent defeated another AI with 4 frigates in 5 minutes. I think the military system will need some more tuning in the future, and I really hope you'll address it with another patch or DLC. What about using hot-air ballons/zepplins? :)
Building Zoos/Museums: I think I saw videos and screenshots at Anno Union which showed really beatifully designed zoos, with benches, hedges, etc. in between the cages. Sadly, currently they need to be connected to each other, so it's hard to build for example around a cage in the middle and surround it by a park and more cages.
Loading wares on/from a ship to an island feels is really clunky. I'd like to be able to easily unload a ship, maybe even without opening the whole loading menu/UI.
Please, make a higher zoom rate available to be able to see the whole island/picture.
At least with my 1920 resoutopn, the UI is far too large. When the quest window (or any other notification window) is open, plus a ship and the building menu, I have the ffeling that 1/3 of my screen is no longer visible.
When I open the building menu and click on a sub-menue (e.g. brick building) which then is showed above the building bar, please make it go away when I deselect/left click it. Right now, I always have to close the sub-menu for the building by clicking on the X when I'm finished or decided not to build that.
Money: prices are sometimes too high. I understand that very powerful items or characters are expensive, but currently it feels that those prices are often too high.
Expeditions: great feature, sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating, especially when I want to fulfill all requirements, have no cargo slot left and need to decide what to keep. Please make it possible for expeditions to equip characters in the ship's item slot, and not the cargo slot. That would make it easier to manage expeditions (which are, when you don't pack everything, very frustrating).

One again, the game feels great, the animations are really nice, I got the good old Anno feeling back (which I hadn't in Anno 2205) and I can always improve something. Trade Unions and other, similar buildings are offering a lot of possibilities. This is really great and only the UI let's me sometimes falter on my enthusiasm for the game.