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04-24-2019, 02:15 PM


We're excited to highlight five pilots whose knowledge of the Crimson Moon phenomenon might make the difference in the challenges to come. Read the briefing below to learn more about your teammates.

Rankor has been to the Crimson Moon before. An experience that dramatically changed his life. He sees its re-appearance as the unique opportunity to settle a score with its archenemy.

Rankor's pilot ability is Rampage, which sends him into a berserk rage. Rampage temporarily brings unlimited weapon energy, increased damage and resists incoming damage. His ship, Skullscream, the fastest ship of the Starlink Initiative, falls into the Rocket class and his favorite weapon is the stasis Tidal Wave.

Fern is a survivalist from the Expedition. Her special ability is Biosphere. It entangles Fern's ship in a protective cage of vines, which turns her into a ball of vicious vegetation. She rolls around knocking enemies away, and releases devastating spores when the ability expires. Fern's ship Vantage is classified as a High Energy ship allowing super-fast weapon reload and her weapon of choice is the Ice Mine, which freezes its targets in ice.

The Prospector faction operates in hazardous environments, so we are very happy to have Galla Joust and her special ability, EMP on board. With EMP, Galla releases an electromagnetic pulses that damages and stuns nearby enemies. Galla's ship, an asymmetrical beauty named Vigilance, is of the Tank class, which means it's built to sustain heavy damage and remains stable in combat. Galla's weapon of choice is the Jaunt lift ram.

We also welcome Startail and Haywire as playable pilots. Startail's ability Armageddon allows her to lob a volley of explosives at enemies. Haywire's ability, Hack Override allows it to hack Legion units, turning them into temporary allies to shift the tide of the battle.

All of these pilots will be available for you to add to your Starlink collection by purchasing them from the digital store of your choice. We can't wait to see how you will take advantage of these five new talented members of your roster.

We'll see you in the stars, pilots,

Starlink Initiative

04-26-2019, 11:59 PM
Any word on the price of Collection 2?

05-17-2019, 07:45 AM
As the rest of the products related to this game, I think the price gets too expensive unless you buy them on a sale.

I will wait for a more reasonable discount or won't buy it.

I love the game, but I expected more creative weapon variations.