View Full Version : AC3R - Any timing on the patch?

04-24-2019, 12:36 PM
What is the official standpoint of devs on this one. Do they even plan to support the game in the way that they introduce fixes to bugs? Is it possible that we get some additional improved gameplay features after release? What would you guys love to see fixed/changed? Would you want devs to continue supporting a remastered release or focus on something else?

04-24-2019, 01:51 PM
Really seems like they've just given up. All the promises of "handing it off to the devs" seem empty appeasement. All the requests for screenshots and videos just cement the impression that absolutely nobody did any QA nor play-testing. AC3 Remastered is merely a quick cash-grab, reinforced by the removal of the vanilla version from the shop. Just my impression of the proceedings, would be enjoyable to be proven wrong.

otherwise I really feel the pressure to reiterate the following (again and again):

@Ubisoft: we are customers, not QA/QC, or Beta-testers, don't ask for videos, or screenshots as proof, don't ask people to go through useless FAQs and "trouble-shooting" threads. The lack of care for the game, the lack of customer-appreciation, the lack of QA/QC and testing of this game are quite apparent by now.

"Bis repetita non placent", but it seems necessary to do, as otherwise nobody ever learns, and please don't be an apologist, you have paid money for the game, Season Pass or not, you can expect a fully working product, you don't have to just accept and move on, and hope that maybe just maybe next time it will be better; it won't, because this way you give them reason to believe that you are willing accept low quality without complaint.

"To the customers belongs the power, not to the shareholders"