View Full Version : Why I uninstalled this game

04-23-2019, 08:08 PM

I just want to say that the game feels... broken.

When you play, it never really does tell you what you did wrong. To parry most of the attacks you need to have really quick reactions. And often times it simply does not work. The game leaves me feeling like I had it - I had that guard to the right to block that attack but got it anyway.
The timing of the attacks differs wildly across all of the characters. I don't want to spend dozens of hours studying every character to know what kind of attacks they have and what is the precise timing to do that parry. To know that this kind of move slows the attack down by 0,2s so you are going to get hit by it if you block it as a normal attack... I'd rather have fewer heroes and get them more balanced.
I also hate how the guard break magnets to you when you dodge - to the sides, it's somewhat understandable, but if you dodge back it just seems that the character gets pulled to you.
When someone does some fancy combo (especially that Roman guy that just knocks you down) I get a feeling there is nothing I can do to stop it - if I get hit by the first attack there is nothing I can do to stop the chain or attacks that leaves me with 10% if I was full or simply dead
The pacing of the game seems... off. I am not sure what exactly about it irritates me so much.

There were more things but these are just a few reasons. I understand that this game is very skill based, but so are other games. Rocket league, Dark Souls, Overwatch - when I do something wrong, it's mostly clear. I should have gone a little to the left, jump here, avoid this attack better...
But For Honor rarely gives me that feeling. "Oh, you missed this block you had 0,1s to fend off? Too bad, here, you lose 90% of your health and get knocked down. And also executed one attack later"

You might say that I am a noob, and you might be correct, but even after my not-so-short playtime in this game (40h), it feels the same.

I might come back and check it in the future. I want to like this game. But there are so many things wrong with it (for me) that I won't be playing it anytime soon.