View Full Version : [BUG] Time Not Saving on Schoolyard Brawl Supercross - Always Showing Last Place

04-23-2019, 07:20 PM
Hey, I am need of assistance with an apparent bug.

My game seems to have downloaded some glitched opponents on Schoolyard Brawl Supercross. I have gotten a platinum time but it is not saving because the game is always telling me I am in last place.

It looks like the AI opponents are glitched and eventually just disappear without even finishing the race, but I am way ahead of them and still getting last.

Is this a known issue? Is there a fix on the way? I'll never be able to get a plat here if it isn't fixed.

05-03-2019, 02:06 PM
Hey! Apologies for the late reply.

Yes this is a known issue and we are working on a fix.

Some players have reported being able to work around this issue by disabling their network connection, to race against AI.