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04-23-2019, 03:35 PM
Hi there,

I've done a full run and here is afeedback list from what I've come across during my experience.


During an escort mission, in which I had to escort a ship to the edge of the map, the target went out of the map but the second part of the quest didn't trigger, instead the target came back and stood still untill the end of the timer.
After a smuggling mission from Sir Blake (during the main campaign), the detection ships, weirdly enough the queen's military ships ahah, remained during the whole game.
Sometimes the number of squares available from a farm isn't displayed properly regarding active bonuses from a corporation.
Sometimes ships sent to the old world stop during their travel and stay idle untill you ask them to travel again.
Clicking a firefigther barrack during a fire shows the hospital interface instead, making it impossible to send additionnal teams.
When offline, loading a game results into crashes.


A "Hold position" option for ships would be golden (or prevent the AI from chasing an enemy indefinatly during a patrol but that's a known issue)
Show the trajectory of a fret route with a mouse-over in the fret menu, as well as being able to reposition those fret routes on the list would be super useful.
In the expedition menu, It would be a great addition to display a board with the stats of your current ship and crew, making it easier to know who to send depending of the mission's needs. Another interesting point could be to filter possessed items by expedition stats instead of their type.

That's all I've noted so far :)