View Full Version : All gamers with low spec gamers any pc can run the game just a matter of config

04-23-2019, 03:29 PM
One way to lower the requirements if your fps is really low is to try directory gtx t680 good enough to run this game there are lower end pc than that run this game if u go youtube and do a search for lowend pc unity u will see what i mean

if u crash alot this would have to do with the driver not the pc being slow this is a driver . I had issues with a 1080 ti on forza horizon and I have 1080 ti Ive also owned these before i was a 1080 ti owner gerforce 2 , 6970 single then double it to two months later to do crossfire then got a 780 ti in 2016 then a 1080 ti in 2017

This game will work u just needd to change to another driver . This crashes can happen now and then u might run 10 games fine then one will have this problem .

He talks about assasins and other games on lowend pcs how to configure this is syndicate but i did a search its the same locations just pick name of game in documents .

Also here is location for gfx settings

D:\Users\Packard\Documents\Assassin's Creed Unity\GFXSettings.ACU.xml