View Full Version : Assassins Creed : Unity, Lore causes major spoiler

04-22-2019, 10:46 PM
The encyclopedia menu in-game reveals who the main villain from the Templars is.
After you encounter a certain person, and look into his lore, as the game prompts you to, they just place him there in the same robes shown as he gave the two villains that you killed before the order to kill Ellis's father..
When you are NOT suppose to know that.

If they want to keep something a secret, they need to at least bother to NOT spoil it through the lore page!
Now it's just annoying that I suddenly know something that my character doesn't, all due to the encyclopedia.

When the game give itself a spoiler -.-


Other than that, 2 crashes, 1 time falling through the world, several times where the character hangs in the air and is unable to do anything...

When you escape the Bastille, there's a place where your friend Pierre Bellec kicks open a door.
But, there is a great chance that prior to that, he'll vanish... With the eagle-eye vision, you'll discover him floating inside the wall.
It's a game-breaking glitch, you cannot advance at all in such a scenario

And the Challenges system is annoying, because it forces me not to use ANY consumable item/ammunition until I see a "challenge" that tells me what I am suppose to use now...
It's rather frustrating, I don't wanna redo the mission to get the challenge, only because I already used all my ammunition, and I can't buy any in the middle of that segemnt of thee quest, rendering the challenge failed by default...
At least allert in advance, I don't want to restart a mission, only because I didn't know I was suppose to save something for a challenge -.-
As someone who is a completionist, this is annoying, and steals away the fun, instead of adding a "Challenge" to it.

Don't make the challenges a frustrating chore!!!
Let alone, a frustrating chore that removes my freedom to use whatever tool I want in any given situation, due to said sudden challenge!

There are also some animation glitches here and there, nothing serious... Rather hilarious seeing people fight each other while not even touching one another, and a killing blow that takes place when the other dude isn't a part of it... Some other things of course.
And as always, clothing objects clipping through everything.

….Still playing the game, will probably encounter more of these fancy glitches/issues.