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04-22-2019, 10:39 PM

There are some bugs with the Quest`s in Campaign.

First time (i was at 85% complete) the quest i got in the New World to Click on the Harbor after the women gives you her Island. i can click on the harbor but the quest dont complete!!

i tried, restarting the game but it did not help.

Second time, (i was at 79% complete) i restarted the Campaign game with the same basic settings as before, After having to take a Picture of the Harbor from the woman in the new world, no new quest are given. i can keep playing the game and the Quest`s keep saying wait for that woman in the new world to give you a new quest / do the work on your island till she`s happy with it.

So ya, i really like the Anno series i played Anno 1440, 2205 and now 1800.

Plz give some advise, as in are these bug`s known and are there updates coming out to solve the problems.

Overall a good game 1404 was the best but i already see 1800 coming close (if problems are fixed)

Also, i did not know the DLC + Deluxe are not even out yet .... and the release date on your website says: Release date: 4/16/19



04-22-2019, 11:32 PM
Yes I have the similar issue on an quest and those will be fixed in the upcoming patch in 2 days I hope.
From patch notes: "Fixed a rare issue, getting no further quests, after loading a savegame that has been created while a Newspaper was displayed."
Loading old saves doesn't help either so my only hope is the upcoming patch.