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04-22-2019, 02:44 AM
I appreciate the gesture, but the free Unity has been torture. I played AC3 on Xbox, so I understand the basic mechanics. I have Fallout 4 and Skyrim and Far Cry (and new dawn) for PC so I'm not new to this. I finished Far Cry 3 times and New Dawn twice, and an embarrassing number of hours in Bethesda land.

Where is character customization so I can unlock skills?
Space bar is both free run and cover - what the poop? I can change it, but what makes actual sense?
Fighting is garbage, can I loot someone's gun?
Is there a smart follow camera option so you don't get Super Mario 64 random unhelpful angles while fighting? Like close to first person or even "not in the opposite direction"?

Where are shops? How do I buy things? I found one dude by accident, can't for the life of me (literally my character's) figure out wtf I did. I need health thingies.
Can I sneak up behind someone and break their neck or stab their liver? Seems like a basic assassin move to me.

Is there a good safe practice area?
- I need to run around, figure out the free run up / down / cover patterns and have them muscle memory. Yes this takes time, but FFS I'm getting murdered every 10 minutes
-I need more than a single one on one fight to figure out swordplay

I got mission item pop-ups, I read the basic idea, but where do I read them so I can find those stupid heads for madame tussaud?

Jesus monkey fighting christ on a monday to friday cracker, you'd think the intro would take care of this. I can't get the third fountain because I die every single time, one sword dude and one axe dude. I had to youtube wtf "parry" was and why it would be helpful. I have no idea how to get the head in the middle of the square. I have absolutely no idea where to even look for the other 2 heads, despite them being in the same place with a green dot. I've searched for step by step how to, watched several yt vids, but i fail at re-creating them.

Where do I go to figure out the very very basics of this game, if not restart a new character daily?

04-22-2019, 02:57 AM
I'd settle for: how do I jump over a wall without sitting like I'm pooping while the guards murder me?

04-23-2019, 02:34 AM
Don't even consider side missions. You don't know what they are yet, but don't do those things that you don't know what they are. You can't unlock the lockpick skill until the game tells you to.

Learn how to ride a sled down snow, because you're going to be murdered by flames a million times when you try to follow Belloc. BTW don't even try to figure out where he is without an internet search. WTF is the timer for? WTF do I do now?

It's a good looking game, but Jesus monthly cramping saurkraut, just give up now. This is now my diary. For anyone who playtests UBI games, get your head out of your pisspot. This really kinda sucks.

04-23-2019, 02:40 AM
To restart, you have to google how to restart, and then find a file (or two) and delete it. And then half the cut scenes can't be skipped. Hold "e" to go **** yourself.

Did you want to piss off your base, or were you just ****ing idiots?

04-24-2019, 05:24 AM
Turns out this game is 5 years old, and no one gives a **** about a random pisspot. So this is my personal blog. Kill the assassin without being killed. How do I know I haven't got me sword? How do I know I can go "out of bounds"? Are there any hints that I've missed?

Google "Kill the assassin without being killed"
Google "ac unity stealth kill"
Google "ac unity change weapons"
Google "ac unity use hidden blade"
Google "ac unity " and whatever character settings or whatever it is above
Google "ac unity " and a bunch of other stuff

Find a page that says when you get close, it will magically change to "assassinate"

Never mind being killed by fire 8 times when sliding down the whatever and giving up.

Never mind being murdered at least 15 times trying to break out of prison, which I did the first time, but failed, as I indicated, at least 15 times by 1) minor misattention or keyboard error once and 14) having 5 or 6 guards spawn around me instantly and just getting lucky on that last try. I can't see the above posts to reconcile this but it sucked.

I can now customize my character, stealth kill some people, and unlock some chests. I can fight more than one person without being murdered. It took one **** OF A LONG TIME to get here, even with the AC3 experience.

I apologise for buying this game. Wait, I didn't. I only investigated it because of Ubi's generosity. What a **** show. Wikipedia says it was garbage on release, Ubi apologized, and compensated some folk. Seriously, Far Cry 5 has been nothing but amazing, and this otherwise BEAUTIFUL game acts more like rectal excretion.

Still gonna play, and I might as well say I'm in it to sniff Elise's panties at this point because who the crap is going to read this at this point.

04-25-2019, 06:01 AM
After I got murdered like 50 times, finally there's a training room. All you had to do was ****ing IGNORE ALL OF THE CHEST BOXES AND SIDE MISSIONS. Those things on the map near you. Just pretend they aren't there.

And somehow I ended up in a different part of the country or whatever, because I found Belloc, decided I needed side missions before tackling a Difficulty 2 mission, and COULD NOT FIND IT BECAUSE I WAS IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE.

Who designed and play tested this horse****, because I need their balls and or tits on a wall in my house.

It's still beautiful, becoming enjoyable, and I still want to sniff Elise's panties. But **** MAN why put off such an important room until I've got everything down pat? Jesus screwing trees in a boiling pot of sodium, that's a really boneheaded decision. I'm blogging the hell out of this. Censor me all you want, I'm leting my **** fly here.

04-25-2019, 06:05 AM
s word
f word, in caps

Hope that helps clarify. I can't properly express my frustration without some sort of expletive. It really is next level, and your understanding for future endeavors is paramount.