View Full Version : Assassin's Creed : Unity and Les Misérables - Same timeline?

04-21-2019, 11:00 PM
Hi, this post is merely asking about some enlightenment and both for humoring and educating purposes, in no way it tries to violate history or mess with anything, I know it is two different things based off of French Revolution - Révolution Française - and I just simply want to make sure if they are indeed in the same/close to the same timeline for my own personal taste.

Let's start a bit with Arno Victor Dorian. He was born 26 August 1768, and he grew up and joined in the Brotherhood around the same time the Revolution happened at 1789.

Les Misérables is also based in the French Revolution and the events are happening around 1789 if I remember correctly and I am not mistaking it. I saw the musical version with Hugh Jackman.

Now, my question is, are they truly related and happening in the same timeline? Let's put away the restrictions and go with the slight, tiny bit of possibility that Arno was "present" and was giving his own personal fight, while the Revolution was happening at the same time in France. Would it be funny/good/interesting enough to you, if the Revolutionaries managed to find and contact Arno in some way and have him at their side? I played and Platinumed Unity a long time ago in my PS4, but I don't remember much about it, I recently downloaded it for free in UPlay and will try to relieve its story, so, forgive me, if there already is a questline were we indeed help the Revolutionaries.

Would you like to see another movie in 2020 with Arno meeting with the group? There is a 2018 non musical version of Les Misérables, but I would like to see more about France and the crazy possibility of the Directors crossover-ing their game and movie together. Surely we'd see lots of assassinations.

I keep saying possibility, and for anyone wondering why am I saying this and this is pointless, remember, in the actual game, Arno - not literally himself - managed to travel in history both in past and in the future, so, that's where I base my crazy possibility, no matter how stupid this may seem to someone. What are your thoughts about this? Am I right about the Revolution happening in both the game and the movie at the same time? Would it be cool to have a movie like that?