View Full Version : About patches and changes in For honor

04-21-2019, 09:23 PM
Hi everyone!

So I returned today to play For honor after stopping playing because of balance issues. As spected after 2 breach battles I left the game and I will stop playing for some more months waiting again.

The thing is, I do not like to enter the game every 2 months to try if its better or not, because at the end it is not and I only end irritated. I just wanted to know if there are dates for pachts and corrections, so I can be aware to those.

For example, I do not know if the dodge/deflect is ntendede to be checked but for my character is imposible to be on top of the machtes for this reason, is there a changelog that tells me when the differents issues are going to be checked?

Thank to all of you, and sorry if the information is super obvious and I'm not aware of it!