View Full Version : (Settlers HoK) Expansion disc - killing kala

04-21-2019, 08:12 PM
I recently bought the Settlers History edition and so far I have been enjoying this trip down memory lane.

However, now I have come to end of the first expansion disc - and it seems just impossible to kill Kala.
My sharpshooters have been firing at her for 20 minutes and she does not even have a scratch.
Is there a bug in this edition? I do not remember it being this hard and in old videos I have watched on Youtube, she dies within minutes.

Can someone offer a suggestion as to whether there is a bug or whether I am doing something completely wrong. Thanks.

02-07-2020, 01:03 AM
i don't remember very well that part, but in that campaign it wasn't too difficult kill someone, at least it needs more time than normal; sometimes you have to keep following the target around a certain area, than finally it got killed, give it a try.
Or maybe the game got a bug, it's possible that it got corrupted; it can happen with downloaded games. Try to keep the saving data, to avoid to have to start again the missions, and re-install the game, then put the saving data back in the same folder; it should work
Hope you found it usefull :)

02-07-2020, 08:43 PM
Hello. Yes...I had the same problem...thought it was impossible until someone gave me the answer. Basically, (draws big breath in anticipation), just ignore her. Make sure you kill all of her pet monsters, and all their houses. When the last one is demised, Kala will be no more. Her monsters are her strength. When they are gone, she is gone. This definitely works and is not a bug. Just ignore her!! Hope this helps and just typing this brought back some fine memories. Good luck....GreyAAAA2020