View Full Version : [Suggestion] Legacy Patch for Anno 2205

04-21-2019, 06:35 PM
Since the servers for the world market, the council and the astroid mining app are down, there are mechanics and achivements, that can no longer be accessed.

This could be fixed with an update to the game providing fake values to the market and the council and removing the connection requirement.
Generating a market-like courve is not really hard.
Creating random results for the elections does remove the point of voting, but the implementation is easy enough.

With a little bit more effort, the following mechanics could be added to provide some substance to it:
Influencing the market value of goods by buying and selling
Using influence or money to change the outcome of votes
Launching missions to gather resources from asteroids (Providing a passive income of rare resources, because farming through crisis missions takes a lot of time...)

And for the extra mile
It would be awesome for the astroid miner app to be added into anno as a mini game

Please consider these options to make the game whole again