View Full Version : [Question] New Game for Difficulty Level and Bugs

04-21-2019, 04:03 PM
Hey all! I have 3 different questions but I don’t wanna create 2 split posts for 3 simple questions so :)
1- I play a campaign on something higher than Expert. (changes made throught “Custom”) It should give me still “complete the campaign on expert difficulty” achievement, right? It’s the smart way but I only have a hope for it so..
2- I don’t need to complete campaign 3 times for 3 different difficulties I hope? Since I’ll complete on expert, it should give me lesser difficulty achievements too?
3- There are some bugs that prevents you from moving to next step on quests. Which is mentioned on upcoming hotfix at 25th April. I’m really bored about can’t progressing for days.. If I start a new campaign, will I meet this bugs again or it depends on my luck? Anyone else tried that?