View Full Version : (BUG) Changing Start Island in New World breaks Campaign

04-21-2019, 11:20 AM
When I landed in the New World, I was not satisfied with the Island I was provided with. Thus I settled on another island, ignoring my first settlement at first. Eventually I encountered the quest with the police/ fire station. While the quest asked me to build these buildings on my first island, it was properly finished by building the buildings on my second island. I was hoping I could avoid such problems by destroying my harbor on the first island entirely. The next quest followed (Wolves in Alpaca Clothing). However, this time apparently the quest couldn't cope with my choices. It asks me to find 0/0 Pyphorians. I checked my town and indeed there seem to be 0 Pyphorians. Thus, this realization didn't seem to please the quest. So I have then decided to start a settlement on the first isle "La Isla" hoping to be able to finish the quest there. I build a town with 450 Jornalero and Obrero each. I build the fire station and police departement and the quest indeed focuses on the new market place on "La Isla". However it still tells me 0/0 Pyphorians. And indeed still no torch carrier. Any help on how I can make the game spawn the Pyphorians?


04-21-2019, 12:29 PM
I have exactly same problem :(

04-21-2019, 09:16 PM
For anyone who hasn't invested too much time past this bug, rerolling to the point prior to building the police station and then building a town on the actual starting isle of the new world, fixes this issue. "La isla" doesnt need to be first or main island or anything. Just a town, fire and police dept. (I didn't build the town too small ~300 worker maybe). So I dont know if there is a minimum below 300.