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04-20-2019, 10:30 PM
So as the title says, I am going to make a list of the bugs/features I encountered in my 25 hours since the release:

Ships very often "forget" what I ordered them to do:
I tell the ships to sail from one point to another. Not even attacking nor following nor sending them to any harbour. They stop for no reason. Sometimes you can watch them just stop. Sometimes it occures while switching the map from old to new world or the other way round; and the order sometimes just gets replaced. I once switched maps and half of my fleet was suddenly escorting an AI-Ship and no longer sailing back to my harbour.
This is especially annoying when you have them "anchor" between two islands and the AI gets the great idea of "baiting" them inside their (hostile) harbour or something like that.
I encountered this behavior already in the open beta btw. No didnt report, didnt know where to...sry. Also I didn't know any better, this is my first time with a release version of anno.

Townhall bonuses don't get recognized correctly after reload:
Got a temporary bonus and wondered why i was suddnely at -10k. Switched another thingy and voila suddenly +6k. Haven't tried it with unions.

Trade routes don't exchange when loading/unloading on the same slot is selected:
Bring Bread, get hops at harbour 1. Bring hops, get bread at harbour 1. No matter how much bread the clipper/schooner has, it will always refill bread resulting in 2/4 stacks of bread, neither of them full and not delivering any other stuff; so basically you can't have them exchange goods. You need two ships for the job of one. *edit: apparently you can throw stuff over board to avoid this, when storage is full on the target. So maybe no bug, dunno.

Oil delivery system (maybe not a bug, could just be a routing "problem"):
I have two oil refineries on one island where i have two power plants. The problem comes with the oil harbour. Every refinery wants to be connected to the oil harbour(only one allowed per island). Even if you connect the two refineries seperately to the harbour, EVERY train goes to the "nearest" power plant. Meaning the not directly connected route occupies the track while going to the harbour and all the way back to the "nearest" power plant, resulting in the other plant not getting any oil.

Quests from AI-Players:
Quests which stretch across the old and new world, sometimes don't recognize the item which should be delivered resulting in the quest not finishing.
Another thing was a destruction quest, where the ship just disappeared while i was concentrating on the other map. I wouldn't call this a bug really, maybe my ships just weren't fast enough...

Sorry for the long post and my bad english. I will update this when I can play again (in a week or so) and when i figured out how the bank and investors behave i just got.

04-21-2019, 03:55 PM
Have a bug as well and have not been able to stop it. Have an illness brought in by a ship and no way to cure it that I have found. It has infected all my ships and everytime they come to port people get sick but docs cure it. Need to find a way to stop this. Am so advanced in this current game hate to start over right now. GRRRRR :(

04-21-2019, 04:15 PM
This one need to be fixed asap too, happened for me lots of times too. They stop on somewhere for no reason or they stop close to border before they swith worlds..
for illness issue;
Just move away your ship from your harbor and anchor them away from each other if there are couple of ships infected. There is an timer that shows when the crew gets cured on your ship’s card, under it’s title. (Effects visible there)