View Full Version : UI/HUD Usability Flaws || quests near transfer/spawn area

04-20-2019, 06:28 PM
I played anno 1800 for many hours and there are some design/usability things that always bring trouble:

Special ovelays like expeditions and Diplomacy are displayed in foreground. Messages (like attacks) can be clicked but nothing happens - The expected behavior would be to close the overlay and jump to the position of the message

The blueprint mode allows the placement and planning of multiple buidlings. To actually build them, each of the buildings needs to be clicked and build manually - The blueprint system makes the users expect the have a button "build all" or sth. like that, but it is missing

The different quick calls on the left seem to be buggy - clicking notificaions just closes the current window (e.g., quests), and requires additional clicks - the expected behavior would be to directly switch between these windows

Sometimes (stress situations with frequent switches between worlds) the ship list/building list disappears and cannot be brought back again. Can be solved restarting the game.

Part of the gameplay is the "upgrade house" function and the tool for fast interaction. As managing the workforce is crucial, the "downgrade house" function is also needed, but no tool is available

When loosing/gaining influence-based bonusses, messages pop up telling "you lost influence" - this is ambigous, as there is influence and the influence bonus - this is not intuitive.

Often other parties ask for taking new islands. There is no UI indication, which island they are talking about. A mark on the minimap or sth. like that would be helpful

Ships on automatic routes or of other parties sometimes clip into the same position, making it impossible to see, which/how many ships there are (for player-ships after manual movement, this is impossible)

When a new quest starts or an existing quest is updated with the next steps in the other world, the quest just vanished from quest list without feedback, where it went. There are different possibilities and behaviors, but this one is not intuitive


Another bug seems to occur when the final deposit for quest items is near the spawning/transfer point in the world - quest cannot be finished then, as the option is not available to bring in the goods at the position.

So far my first part of the feedback.

Thank and Best Wishes!