View Full Version : [Idea] hide + build on top of whole rivers with stone foundations

04-20-2019, 04:04 PM
Hello all,

Id like to propose the ability to build stone foundations on top of rivers to hide some parts of rivers and make additional 'land' available, alike to Venedig, to allow easier settlement planning. Like the harbor foundations you need 1 stone per field and you can build whatever you like on top of these foundations.

The reason why I propose is that almost all medium and many 'large' island are actually not as large as one would think. Apart from mountains, rivers heavily cut into the buildable area and due to the abnormal building size of some buildings, make some islands take more time to plan a settlement than having the fun to build it, expecially in the New World where every island is filled with lots of rivers.

Its really a hassle and the bridges one can build are currently massively lacking. Bridges cannot cross each other. Bridges cannot be build next to each other or next to railway-bridges like this:


I really hope some solution is added to the game. My idea would in my opinion be the easiest to implement choice. Sincerely.

PS: Such a feature would come at the cost of having bigger maintenance for service buildings and lower income from houses, at a rate of +50% if 100% of the building is placed on such a foundation.