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04-20-2019, 03:45 PM
Repost of my reddit threat. People seem to agree en masse, so I thought I would post here as well so hopefully it gets visibility among the developers: https://www.reddit.com/r/anno/comments/bf5vnc/battlecruiser_is_useless_needs_rework_sail_ships/

So when you finally reach the steam era, you get access to 3 cargo ships (2 unarmed, one barely armed for self-defence) and the 'famous' hulking battlecruiser as seen on the game menu, which is the only steam combat role ship. However, looking at its stats just leaves a sad image:

- 5000 HP comparing to Ship-of-the-line(SOTL) 4000 HP. I thought steel was much stronger than wood, no?

- 35 dps comparing to SOTL 53 dps... need I say more? Apparently our ancestors should've just sticked with traditional cannonballs rather than inventing actual ballistic weaponry.

- Absolutely INSANE requirements to build (Tier 4 population, mandatory electricity with trains network for the shipyard, T4 factories that range thousands of $ in upkeep, demand new world imported materials, 3 or more production stages) comparing to easily spammable SOTL.

- No, despite the tooltip claiming its role is "long range attacks", it does NOT outrange harbor guns.

- 1000$ upkeep comparing to SOTL 250$ upkeep. Literally FOUR times more. So whenever you look at battlecruiser and its stats, you're automatically comparing it to what four SOTL's can do.

To say its underpowered is simply an understatament. For all the good things Anno 1800 did, I just have no idea what in the world was going through the developers heads when working on the combat balancing. It just depresses me to see the legendary ship depicted on all the promotional cover art being so weak and worthless in game.

Dearly hoping it will get reworked ASAP. Steel steam ships are supposed be a power icon. Symbol of the new age, harbinger of progress and end of the sailing era. When you're sailing the sea on your wooden boat, seeing a hulking behemoth of steel pumping out smoke and marking the skies black around it should automatically make you say "oh ****". And yet right now they just get bullied and roflstomped by wooden sail ships anyway... Personally for me this simply kills the whole mood and idea the game was aiming for.

04-20-2019, 07:05 PM
The damage output is indeed a real joke. On top of that, the ship designer either smoked some strong acting substances of unknown origin or he is simply a Starcraft fanboy and just happened to tune Anno 1800 with Starcraft flavor by accident because both battle cruisers have a male voice with Russian accent and a few lines sound very similiar to me.

Regardless of which one is better or worse, the team could use valuable information from Empire Earth or any other game that offers several stages of technologies as reference.

04-21-2019, 11:22 PM
I do agree, that battlecruisers are very underwhelming, they can however outrange ALL, but big betty harbor cannons. Get the looking glass epic quality (purple). It gives +15% range, and you can then sit just outside the range of cannons, and slowly, take them down. The big downside to this, is the crazy ship AI the game have, with ships just deciding to do their own thing. It takes micro managing, but it can be done. Also the ship AI cant figure out it has longer range, so you have to mouse over the cannon, to see the range, and put the ship just outside their range. And then hope the ship dosent decide to suicide run it, or, you know, just leave the battle all together.

04-22-2019, 10:18 AM
At first I totally agreed with you. Then however, I played some more, and found out that the better items are for steam ships, like 'take 25% less damage from sailing ships'. There are also common items like 'increase damage to sailing ships by 10%' which cannot be used against steam ships. So while the base stats are a bit underwhelming, and probably deserve a small buff, in reduced upkeep or perhaps building cost of influence, the ship itself can definitely outgun sotl once you reach the endgame more.

04-22-2019, 03:42 PM
Can a SOTL bring all of its DPS to a fight? It may be that it has more dps but can't actually use it because it can only fire off one broadside at a time.

04-23-2019, 12:59 AM
Maybe it's because balance issues? Don't want ruin all other player who still at sailing age who hadn't yet get Battlecruiser?