View Full Version : Problem with Music and Warehouse display!

04-20-2019, 09:28 AM
I just build my first new world village, since then when I open the warehouse in the old or new world, and click on food/drink it still shows everything. When I click on materials it only shows materials and so on, its only happening with food/drink.

My second issue is with the music, I have everything on 100%, but sometimes when I scroll in or out, the music just vanishes, or is getting very quite. I have to click on my first Island, then usually the music comes back.

My System is

Intel Core i5-3470
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 (GM206) [ASUS]
24 GB

04-20-2019, 10:09 PM
Hi Melli1971! Thanks for the report. Do you have any videos of the issue with your audio? Are you using headphones or speakers?
For the warehouse issue, can you provide a screenshot of what you are currently seeing?

04-21-2019, 06:32 AM
Sorry, I started a new game, and I deleted the save-games. If it happens again, I will make a screenshot.
I'm actually using headphones.

04-21-2019, 07:54 AM
Hi guys, I think the music problem is fixed, I have updated the NVIDIA yesterday, since then music didn't disappear again. With the warehouse I'm not sure might be I got confused because there were suddenly so many items popping up, so never mind that. Sorry I troubled you guys.

04-21-2019, 07:56 AM
Hiya Melli1971, don't worry :) That's what we're here for!

If anything else does start to stop working again or if you think something isn't quite right please do let us know :)