View Full Version : [Feedback] My Flagship, name after my real-life Puppy, is stuck in an Expedition :(

04-19-2019, 11:25 PM
I am playing the Campaign, and have been on a couple of Expeditions.

This time, the captain appears and presents to me a scenario that seems pretty dire. It's the event titled "The Storm".
The only option is "Okay", clicking it doesn't do anything :(

I can leave that screen, but my Expedition is still marked as "awaiting order" (the little star is present).

It is a level-2 (2 skulls) Pirate Hunt mission. It's the second event (I think) of the Expedition.
My ship has about 50% morale left and is stacked to the brim with all the likely necessities, and then some :P

Reloading the game didn't change a thing.

I also tried reloading a save from before this event and waiting until it occurs again... and I got the exact same problem:
Just an "Okay" button that doesn't do anything (it plays the clicking sound and the clicking animation, so it knows it's been clicked!).