View Full Version : [Suggestion] [Feedback] Museums are super weird

04-19-2019, 08:14 PM
While with the Zoo it makes sense that every animal needs a new enclosure with the Museum it just doesn't. Is there nothing in the main building? Why do you need a new building for every piece of scrap paper you find? That's just bad room managment.
I'd like to make the following suggestions:

1. Give the Museum a floorplan, where you can costumize where and what you are displaying. if the main building is full construct additional wings.
2. Give the main building maybe 5 spaces to put stuff and each additional building maybe 3(?), that way it doesn't take from the immersion. You're not contrcuting an empty building, but you still need to manage your space to put down more exponates.

Have a nice day :)

04-20-2019, 02:20 PM
This is a good point, tho as an MVP I'd be happy with being able to place roads in between the sections so at least it's more flexible to place. Same to farms with pens.. just as long as they're close in the ratio

04-22-2019, 10:24 PM
Maybe they could add different sizes for different rarity in goods. That way you could just have a glass encasement for common items and the big buildings that you have now for epic and legendary items. This would allow more creative ways of building a museum area.