View Full Version : [Suggestions] About workforce transportation

04-19-2019, 11:48 AM
There is a dock unlocked when you got Engineer that could globalize your workforce.
I found it super unrealistic and overpowered, all you need to do is just build one of this dock on your island.
Then, boom, you can literally teleport ppl to an island which also constructed this dock.

If I am right, no matter how far between those two islands, no matter how many ppl need to be transported. Just build two (or more) of them, you get a teleportation network
It is far better than any modern workforce transportation, basically a portal gate that appears like a dock.
Looks like the only thing you paid is just the construction cost and maintenance.

I suggest it should have some range limit, so it does not look like ppl is been teleported from the very north of the map to the very south.
Or there should be some cost when you transport workforces to other islands according to the distance between the islands and the number of ppl been teleported. And the algorithm should be able to optimize the amount of cost.