View Full Version : Nemesis Bug / Minigun Bug - When Wielding Nemesis, Miniguns Do Not Work

04-18-2019, 10:43 PM
When you have the exotic marksman rifle Nemesis actively wielded (i.e. not just equipped, but currently used) and interact with and use a minigun, it deals zero damage to NPC's. Oddly enough, this only appears to effect NPC's - non-NPC objects such as explosive fuel containers still explode when shot.

After discussing with some other players, it appears that this bug is moreso that Miniguns are inheriting the Talents of whatever weapon you are using when you interact with them. So while interacting with one while using Nemesis does zero damage (which makes sense - Nemesis does damage on trigger release, not trigger pull), Merciless causes it to do very little damage, and talents like Ranger can boost its damage significantly.