View Full Version : IDEA about new New Assassin's Creed game !

04-18-2019, 11:01 AM
Dear UBISOFT and friendly players!
I love AC serie and i make this forum account just for telling you my idea about the new AC, im really love the game, hope you guys will like my idea.

- New Assassin's Creed game: "Assassin's Creed - VIETNAM war"
- Player will play for both side, USA - VIETNAM - (North and Sounth VIETNAM ); some other mission will play for Soviet side and some chinese bandits side.
- We will have many kind of mission, silence stealth assassin some high rank commander, sniper in the war, some direct fighting..... flying the helicopter and shoot with gun in the sky, drive boat, ship from Sounth to North VIETNAM... drive tanks battle....
- Game have no difficulies level, just one level so all the players can play without wonder so easy or too hard. But hard will make us more interesting in the gaME.
- Fight in jungle, river, oceon...

Hope Ubisoft will read my idea.