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04-17-2019, 02:32 PM
I purchased the American Retro bundle in its first day of sale (because, you know, it's gorgeous).

I immediately equipped it, and played with it a couple of times.

The next day, even though I haven't changed anything and haven't sold anything, my Rhino reverted to some generic skin. I checked the garage and, to my suprise, the American Retro items were gone.

I tried to bought it again, but this bundle is marked as "Purchased" and thus there's no buy button on the screen.

I also deleted my "Inventory" saved data on the PS4 to force-sync my garage with RedLynx servers, to no avail.

Is this a known issue? Can I hope to have this lovely skin back?


04-17-2019, 05:00 PM
Hey! This is not a known issue but we'll make sure this gets reported and resolved for you.

Please provide the following images:

- An image to show the bundle is marked as purchased
- An image to show the content is missing from your inventory

Try to keep the images as wholesome as possible, preferably with your in-game name visible in each image.

If you'd prefer, you can submit them in a support ticket then provide me with the case number. A ticket can be made here: https://support.ubi.com/


04-18-2019, 03:08 PM
Thank you very much for the prompt reply!

Here are the images.

You'll notice that I do have the American Retro bodykit. However, this is not the one that came in the bundle. I bought two copies of the only American Retro bodykit available in the users section of the store. One of them I kept intact, as the creator intended; the other one I reverted to the default skin by removing all the stickers and changing its color to white. My intention was to recreate the American Retro bundle by purchasing all its parts in the users store; unfortunately, the bodykit was the only part in sale.









04-18-2019, 03:19 PM
Sorry for the faulty image links. Here are the correct ones:









04-24-2019, 12:08 PM
Hello, this thread was brought up to me when I posted having the same problem on reddit. The same thing is happening to me, I will post the pictures later on today as I have no access to them at the moment.

04-24-2019, 03:47 PM
Hello again, apologies for the delay in getting back to you!

These images are extremely useful, I have used them to start an investigation with our dev team so we can get this resolved.

Thank you US-inhabitants!

04-24-2019, 08:50 PM
Thank you, Ubi-Raziel!

I partially "solved" this issue buying individual parts in the Store (either in the user section or in the RedLynx section). Currently, I'm lacking only the headlight, which I hope someday will appear in the store as a purchasable item.

However, even if I complete my "collection", it would be nice to know that this bug was addressed and we can confidently buy other bundles and goods.


05-03-2019, 01:54 PM

Yes I have seen reports that players are able to re-purchase some content for 5 Trials Coins, however we absolutely need to get the source of this issue resolved.

We are still looking into the cause of this, so we shouldn't need to worry about this for future bundles.

05-03-2019, 07:19 PM

although some people indeed reported to have repurchased contents for 5 Trials coins, that was not my case. I bought the individual Retro parts in the regular store, from players who were selling them. I purchased these parts and removed their customization or changed them to my taste.