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04-17-2019, 04:52 AM
Hi All!

First post back in a long time, but after hiding out on Switch and a few updates later, I feel it urgent that I speak up on behalf on what other players might be experiencing.

Game Day Launch to current version.

1. Once I hit level 80 or so, I stopped earning Gems, Trials Coins and crates, even after completing Contracts or finding Squirrels or completing a compilation of squirrel missions.

A. It was around this time that I used my extra balance on my switch account to purchase $5 in Gems. It could be related.

B. I can still earn Crates when I level up, usually 3.

C. I can still earn Crates in MP when I level up and Coin for winning races.

2. Mulptiplayer has some issues too

A. Players using Lag Switches to lag multiplayer out to gain an advantage.

B. Point system de-rank’s player when platinum on all 3 tracks.
a. When ranked 1st in match.

After 1st update to current version

3. Clothes revert to default clothing after loading game. Affects clothing earned from contracts.
A. Clothes reset and I have to reselect the outfit I want to wear when I play, Every Time.
a. Only Helmet, Gloves and Bottoms reset.

After 2nd update to current version.

Nothing changed in game.

Route 66 update, current version.

4. Unavailable on Switch

A. Route 66 shows up on map available for purchase.
a. Because it was downloaded and included in the season pass, the game thinks it’s already installed.

Mods and Support techs, DM me or instagram (same handle), if you need photos.

Hope this Helps.


04-18-2019, 06:15 AM
Since the workaround I posted, gems and trials coins earned are being added to the inventory. Will post other corrections as I find them.

04-18-2019, 08:33 AM
I am no longer receiving crates in single player mode. Not sure about multiplayer yet.