View Full Version : [BUG Multiplayer] - Loading into saved game as different player character

04-15-2019, 06:05 PM
Yesterday me and 3 of my mates had a blast trying out Anno 1800 Multiplayer, 2 of them left half way through, but 2 of us played on. However at one point the host crashed, I saved the game and exited. We loaded back into the Multiplayer and I ended up being as one of the other player character rather than my own. We tried restarting the session, tried different hosts, still I ended up not being able to get back to my own character. The other guy who was the host always landed in his old character

Weird part was - that when I was invited back I got the invite etc but I didn't appear as a character on the lobby screen

Posted on Reddit, someone posted that they had a similar thing -

I always stayed my player since i was the original host, the othwer two moved up a space and ended up beeing player 2 and 3 instead of 3 and 4, and nothing we did could fix this.

Was bit disappointed as that was solid 4h gameplay and we kinda left that MP session. But I thought to let you know and hopefully there is a fix.