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04-14-2019, 10:48 PM
Iím a big fan of the franchise, started with the first one. AssassiníS Creed II is one of my favorite game ever. The ambiance, story, characters, setting, soundtrack, everything. But, Iím not here to talk about II, but Origins.

I have to say that after Unity and Syndicate, I was so done with the franchise. The poor launch on PC totally ruined the experience for me and kept me from enjoying it. I thought that Syndicate was better, but after a few hours I just got bored. The annual release just ďdrainedĒ me, kept me from enjoying the franchise anymore, I was getting bored of it, and itís really sad because itís one of my favorite franchise.

Anyway, I wasnít planning on getting Origins, but then I heard that the feature I had requested the most was finally implemented in the game; The ability to remove and put back the hood whenever we want. Thank god, FINALLY. It may seem silly, but just because of that little detail, I got so hyped and bought the game on day one. I wanted to be able to do that for so long and finally, I could do it. A big thank you for that.

I really liked the game. I liked the story, I liked Bayek and Aya, loved Egypt, it was gorgeous, and the map was so big (perhaps a little too big ?). I liked that you could be really ďstealthyĒ and clear an area without being detected. I liked that the present was back as well. The discovery tour was nice. This game, got me interested in the franchise again.

But, there are things that I disliked as well. I donít like the rpg system. The fights and overall experience feel so unrealistic. The way the character moves when engaged in a fight. The fact that when you shoot an arrow in someoneís head he doesnít die because he is a level or two above you. Just no.

Anyway, overall it was a great experience and I was really optimistic for the future of the franchise, but then Odyssey came..