View Full Version : [BUG] Bridges won't build unless a normal road tile is included

04-14-2019, 10:32 PM
Confusing title, I know.

You can see in (screenshot 1) I have two highlighted road tiles, both roads are up against the edge of the buildable areas.
Trying to build a bridge between them I click either tiles with the road tool, move the mouse to the next one and the bridge appears normally (screenshot 2), then when I click to place it I hear the build sound but nothing actually happens. Even after multiple tries, or trying to start from the other side still nothing happens, but somehow the build sound plays.

The only way to get around it is having an extra road tile be included in the bridge build. That can be the tiles on the edge that connect to the bridge (screenshot 1) or a random tile along the same road (screenshot 3). So basically bridges just won't build on their own at all, a road tile must be created in the same mouse drag/build order/whatever.

This happens on all rivers in the old and new worlds. It was also present in the closed beta but I forgot to report it.


04-15-2019, 10:24 AM
Hey HJP1,

Thank you for the report.

I have passed your report to the dev team for further investigation!