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04-14-2019, 07:24 PM
Hellos and greets to everyone here in Rocksmith...

I'm Kimono, pleased to meet everyone here. I'm an Xbox1s player that's married to a beautiful southern-belle blonde, and we have a daughter that is 14 going on 23.

I had become disabled in 2012, (nerve damage in right hand and arm) and again in 2015 (severe Vertigo, tinnitus, and moderate hearing loss.) from truck driving for 8 years.

I had happened upon RS from YouTube and was amazed at the videos, and was intrigued at the '60 Day Challenge'. I had shown the videos to my wife, and she asked if I wanted this as an early birthday gift (OMG Yes) but I said we can't afford an $1400 Fender, but she said 'Try to find a reasonable one.'

I then seen Anderton's videos (Chapper's and the Captain) and they had raved about how good a Jackson JS11 Dinky was at $150 dollars. 0.o oh wow mate. Tho my personal choice would be white.
Shown the guitar to wife and she said if you can find it where we can make payments on it, I will try to get it for you maybe as an early bday present. (ZZounds Online) She had said I always deferred my gifts for my daughter as her bday is a week before mine. I always said I love our daughter as the perfect bday gift for me.

The only caveot would be I would have to learn and play AudioSlave's 'Like a Stone' , Stone Temple Pilot's 'Sour Girl, and Highway Love Song.' I had also added I wanted to learn and play Stevie Ray Vaughan's 'Riveria Paradise' from Austin City Limits, as I proposed to her after that song concluded... so that song has a huge significance for me. Also Lindsey Buckingham's 'Go Insane' and Big Love' both accustic versions.

Maybe when everything gets in, I might do an unboxing or something, and attempt the 60 day challenge.

I do have a question tho... is there an app or program available for Android (and later Apple) that I can load my mp3's into and play tabs like RS? Does Rocksmith teach how to read tableture and music? I thought there was an app but Fender had purchased it, Riff -something?

Because daughter is homeschooled and I can't SRV jam while daughter is taking her advanced math classes.

My apologies, since I had bored everyone to tears by this point... *bows sincerely*
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04-14-2019, 08:36 PM
Welcome to the game and the forums!

I don't know about this app, perhaps someone else does, but I can confirm that the game teaches you tablature! Sort of... The note highway has the same structure and the same notations for the techniques (It has the same symbol for palm-muting, and hammer ons and pull offs etc.) but it is upside down for some reason! So I'd recommend that you fix that as soon as you start in the options, if you do that, you should be able to transpose what you learn to other tabs without much issue!

But the game will not teach you much "music". It's very lacking in the theory department, it's much more hands down, and show you how to do things, not understand.

It will teach you the basics of guitar, show chords, techniques, and if you keep at it, the game will get you far!

Best of luck!

04-16-2019, 10:04 PM
Welcome! While Rocksmith is a great program with a TON of dowloadable songs, it does NOT teach tabliture. Rocksmith has its own way of teaching guitar & where to put your left hand, finger(s) strings, etc. There was another game called "Band fuse" that did teach pure tabliture; it was not very well supported though. Once again, Rocksmith is not tabliture; & I don't recommend flipping the note highway to mimic tabs.
Jackson makes great guitars (I have one!) but - if you haven't got it yet - jou may want to consider a guitar with a fixed bridge. Reason being, there are many different tunings for songs. If you have a tremolo or "floating bridge", it can be very frustrating changing your guitars tuning. At the very least, if you do choose the Jackson, you'll probably want to lock the bridge down. Good luck, it's a fun journey!

04-17-2019, 08:38 AM
Don't degree with all Brian just said, but I think everyone on the forum will agree with the statement of avoiding the whammy bar on your first guitar! I mean, if you really want one, go for it! But be aware that they can be difficult to deal with, and they can be somewhat limiting in what and how you play.

Basically, if you have considered all aspects of it, and conclude that you want a whammy bar, go for it! If you're unsure, or just haven't thought about it, avoid it!

There are many playable guitars these days in the 100-200$. You will of course notice a difference in a 150$ Epiphone and a 800$ PRS SE, it was like day and night night for me, but my "cheap" Epiphone served me well for a few years before the upgrade, and I occasionally still use it.

Point is. Avoid the tremolo/whammy bar on you first guitar, and don't be afraid to buy a "cheap" guitar, they are all mostly playable these days!

04-17-2019, 09:12 PM
Oh thank you for telling me about the whammy-bar. Yupp, I will be locking down the bridge, making it into a 'hardtail', is that right? I'm sure there's a few videos on that from Youtube..

Tell me more about your Jackson? Reason why I'm ordering the white one, is a dear friend does artwork and I'd like to get in image onto the face of the guitar. (Besides white always looks good... heeehehhe ^.^)

Well, some might think I might be jamming out like a metal guitarist on the Jackson, because Randy Rhoads maybe? However, my style will be on the lines of Stevie Ray Vaughan, so hopefully the metal image of the guitar will temper things in time.

Later on, I might pick up a Steinberger Bass, as I love the style of them. I had a Hohner copy back in 1991, and I loved the fretless sound it had. Then after learning lead and rhythym guitar, onward come the bass.

Thank you all for the outstanding replies...

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04-21-2019, 07:11 PM
I have a DK2S. It has a sustaniac pickup in the neck position & a floyd rose bridge. It stays in E standard due to the tuning issues I mentioned before. It's been extremely stable holding tuning & I've avoided putting new strings on - I did not want to loose that stability! I just got my courage up a few weeks and replaced the strings. So far so good.

https://i.postimg.cc/wt81h7bs/20160528-184529.jpg (https://postimg.cc/wt81h7bs)

Kami-kun, no problem on the disagreement 🙂. Only reason I say don't flip is, Kimonoskunk (& yourself) may discover Rocksmith in other situations & you may find 95% of it will be in the standard non-flipped format. Good luck & have fun!

04-21-2019, 09:15 PM
Kami-kun, no problem on the disagreement ��. Only reason I say don't flip is, Kimonoskunk (& yourself) may discover Rocksmith in other situations & you may find 95% of it will be in the standard non-flipped format. Good luck & have fun!

Indeed, would be strange if everyone had the same preferences^^ I prefer the flipped one, as that resemble tabs more, and music notation in general (higher pitch means up, or "higher" which is unintuitive on the guitar), but in the end, it comes down to taste.

05-02-2019, 05:24 PM
New Jackson JS11 Dinky https://imgur.com/gallery/sPLrMa7

New guitar arrived today from Zzounds.com. Here is the Jackson JS11 in Snow White. It does have the whammy-bar, but is not installed so I left it in the baggie.

(My Princess Luna plush is standing guard next to it. Don't laugh, the Luna Plush was given to me by a 'dear' online friend whom I've known for years in artist-writer circles in the MLP-FIM community. )

Now all I have to do now is await the Rocksmith game, probably next month when I can afford it, after bills and all.

Until then, will be practicing notes and learning the fretboard with Musician Tutor ... https://musiciantuts.com/learning-guitar-scales/

I'm a 'VERY' happy gryphon.... ^~^

KimonoGryphon <><
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05-03-2019, 04:18 PM
If you want to start learning before you get rocksmith I highly recommend https://www.justinguitar.com/ Tons of really good free lessons.

05-03-2019, 09:13 PM
Congratulations on your guitar!

Have fun, and stick at it! There are a lot of free and good sites for learning guitar, so find your favourite and enjoy where the guitar path takes you!

05-14-2019, 11:04 AM
I actually 'just' signed up on Justin Guitar's site. Wow, it's huge o.0. And watching his videos with 'The Captain' with his private lessons are fun to watch.

Justin seems so down to earth, and very likeable... ^^
I wonder if he ever heard of Rocksmith? <headtips>