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04-14-2019, 12:43 PM
Good day

I have been playing a multiplayer game with a friend for a reasonable amount of time now (in this particular match - 3+ hours)

For the first good portion of this round I received notifications and messages completely normally, but the last half hour of playing I had realised that I was not getting notifications for things like, fires, riots, ships being attacked.

This was quite significant as being busy with other things and just... losing a ship-of-the-line because you had no idea it had even started a fight causes quite a problem.
Or, you return to your city to find 15 buildings burnt from a fire that went out of control.

beyond this, a cease-fire agreement that I had made with an NPC had ended, so I tried to start another one, but when I clicked "require cease-fire", the button would gray out after clicking it and absolutely nothing would happen, visually, on my screen.

There would be no sound or action that I could recognise from clicking on any negotiation option with any player, whether it is an NPC or a real player. I would notice reputation changes, like if I flattered an NPC I could see it going from 0 to +2 reputation, but there would be no dialogue. Even when clicking on someones harbour, there is no voice dialogue in any way or form.

I asked my friend to send me an alliance request, he sent it normally and I received no notification or dialogue box. however if I sent him one, he would receive it normally, but I would receive no notification of him accepting it other than his character portrait moving from the "trade agreement" column to the Allied column.

It is important to note that I did not get this problem in my other games, I would load alternatives matches and everything would be perfectly normal, multiplayer or not.

So what I figured it could be was the "unmute all" button on the screen when you are in the lobby. Clicking the "unmute all" buttons seems to do nothing, there is no check-box that shows whether it is or is not checked, and the Box that is meant to surround the "unmute all" text was not properly aligned with the text.

I did try to load the game twice, once with having "checked" the box once, and once with having "checked" the box twice, in-case it was just a visual problem, but both times I still had the notification/dialogue problem in-game.

This is more or less all the information I have on this problem.

04-14-2019, 11:53 PM
Hello Stalker_0096,

Welcome to the forums! :) I am going to move this to the Tech Support forum for our Open Beta, so our Support Team can look into this further.

04-15-2019, 09:40 AM
Thank you for acknowledging the post.

Should any more information be needed, I'll be around.

04-15-2019, 05:48 PM
This sounds like it could have been a desync issue of some kind, but it's difficult to say for sure. I will keep an eye out for other reports of this. Thanks for reaching out!

04-16-2019, 08:42 AM
It's definitely a problem, since now on release I've seen quite a few people complain about not having voices in the campaign. I am one of them as well.