View Full Version : [PS4] The NME Group is looking for YOU! (Operations & Ghost War)

04-13-2019, 10:10 PM
We are the NME Group. We have a very strong belief that our Teamwork, Communication and Tactics will lead us towards Victory against our enemy. We are looking for like minded individuals that want to combine a structured atmosphere to a gaming clan community setting. Our community provides both Competitive and Casual play styles. You can find our members fighting alongside each other on For Honor, Battlefield, Destiny, and Ghost Recon Wildlands. Even though we prefer players that can join us in multiple games, it is not a requirement.

Our mission is simple; Learn, play, and win with your friends. Teamwork and communication is our foundation and we want you to not only have fun, but to win while you're at it! Our leadership team mission is to provide YOU with the best gaming community that we can offer while expanding your gaming experiences with available trainings and mentoring to sharpen your skills in the field.

We are currently looking to grow our ranks with people with the same vision as us who we will not only enjoy playing with, but can help us grow to better serve our Group.

We require all new recruits to apply on our website: