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04-13-2019, 12:34 PM
Hello !

I can't launch a multiplayer session without crashing at the end of the loading screen.
The lonely solution I found is to disable "Windows Defender" and everything seems ok... until a reactivate it ! It's a crash, without any error message, back to desktop and that's it. This occure if I host or join a game.

I'll give a try without reactivate Windows defender at all and see how many time the game runs.

Drivers are up to date, my PC is in the requirement settings (i9 9900K / 1080Ti / 32Gb RAM / Win10 Pro X64).

Anyone got this problem too ?

04-13-2019, 01:12 PM
Hey Some_Things!
Are you able to whitelist the game in your Windows Defender at all?
Please also run the game and launcher with admin rights (https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/faqs/000025662/Run-applications-with-administrator-rights).

04-13-2019, 03:36 PM
Thanks for the reply !

The game is still in the white list, problem still there.
About the admin rights, the Anno's launcher appears and the game never run. I deactivate the "admin" option and the game came back.
Finally when the Anti-Virus (included in windows 10) is desactivated, the multi launches and crashes randomly to desktop (instantly, 15mn, 30mn...) Impossible to play with friends.

Other solutions ? :)

04-13-2019, 06:46 PM
Hi Some_Things! Do you get an error message at all? Have you tried whitelisting Uplay as well as the game? We also have these PC steps available (https://support.ubi.com/en-us/faqs/000025947) for you to try, if you have not done them already.

04-13-2019, 08:17 PM
I actually have the same problem (crashing in multiplayer loading screen) but disabling windows defender or whitelisting it (and Uplay) doesnt help at all. My computer has the minimum requirements (i5 4590, 8GB RAM, Vega 56, Win 10 Pro x64) too. Right now I am trying to see whether reinstalling the game helps, but checking the game files with the Uplay Launcher didnt help.
Sometimes the Launcher asks me to send an error report after crashing, but most of the time it just crashes without anything else happening.

Edit: Reinstalling the game didnt help :/

But I have to add that I really enjoyed playing the game for ~6 hours before the crashes startet to occur :)

Edit 2: The issue was resolved when I set the virtual memory of windows to be managed by the system. Beforehand it was only 1GB on all drives, what probably was way to few.
But even after changing that setting and being able to load the multiplayergame, it started to heavily lag whenever I moved my camera to another city/world. Reducing the people running around (wuselfaktor in german) helped a bit with that problem.

04-14-2019, 10:35 AM
If you are still having issues after the troubleshooting steps then I would suggest that you contact our technical support team on our support site (https://support.ubi.com/en-gb/Cases/new) as they would be more suited to assist you than myself over the forums.

Please provide a DXDIAG and MSINFO report with the case so that the team can investigate.
You can find instructions on how to create these files and attach them to this ticket in the links below:

DXDIAG (https://support.ubi.com/en-gb/faqs/000021185/Sending-a-Dxdiag-to-Support/)
MSINFO (https://support.ubi.com/en-gb/faqs/000021216/Sending-a-msinfo-report-to-Support/)

04-14-2019, 07:09 PM
Thanks for the reply !

Same solution here, I let Windows manage the virtual memory too and everything seems ok online now.
I don't understand because I have 32GB RAM and it's not saturated at all... so why the virtual memory is used by the game ?

04-14-2019, 08:50 PM
Had you deleted pagefile.sys?

04-14-2019, 09:11 PM
No, I just defined the virtual memory option to "managed by the system" and that's it. The pagefile.sys is the exact size of what windows shows in the perfs.
Why should I delete this file if it's windows who's managing it ? And how to delete it because when I try, windows says "it's in use in an other program".