View Full Version : Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered sound and music bug

04-13-2019, 08:14 AM
My name is Charles, and i have to report a sound / music bug. I have an 5.1 system on my computer since 2005. When i brought the assassin's creed 3 Washington edition i found a huge bug in the game. When is start the game i remember there was a pirate song when haythem traveling into america, and the ingame musics is good expecially when we getin the fight. Everything was ballanced . BUT, when i installed the battle hardended dlc for this game, the game get messed up. I almost hear musics, somethimes didn't appear. The speaks sounds like came far, some of them are missing, likewise the pirate song when haytham get going to america, etc. When i delete that dlc the whole game repaired.

Now i brought the season pass for odyssey and want to play with the AC3 remastered. It seams i get this bug again. But the problem is: This game has all of this dlc inside theremastered edition. So i can't choose to remove that dlc that it makes the same problem in the washington edition. So i have an 5.1 system, in 2019, an excelent hardware behind, and there is a remastered edition that i can't enjoy becuse of this. Please do some audio patch for 5.1 gamers, or something with that dlc that it makes this mess with the musics and sound effects in the game cuse we can't able to remove the dlc from remastered edition as i could in washington edition befor. I'll waiting for your answeres to this report, and i hope this error will be dealth with in short.

Thank you so much for it!
Best regards!